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Research - Prototyping - UI Design

Contact tracing was a major initiative in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, spearheaded by many states and countries around the world. One major concern with this contact tracing was the lack of privacy when it came to tracking people’s phones and the very low participation rate. Through research on contact tracing, data collection and interviewing people within our target demographic. We designed a social networking app that allows the participants to help their fellow community members know where major crowds are, in the hopes of alleviating the number of people going to the same place at the same time. 


My team consisted of students from various backgrounds such as graphic design, computer science, and finance. Working together we created an application that was not only feasible but had the potential to create revenue for our sponsor. 

Preliminary Sketches

Once the research was complete, we created scenarios of ways that the application could potentially be used on a daily basis. These scenarios led to hand-drawn sketches of how the application could actually look and what would need to be included for each scenario to be possible.

Final Wireframe

From these sketches I designed the brand identity for the application and digitized the sketches into a wireframe in Adobe XD.

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